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Nucklebusters CD Reviews
JAM MAGAZINE CD Review: One More Chance - Nucklebusters Blues Band
In the artwork for One More Chance, two of the guys are sitting in front of an amazing collection of vinyl. Unlike a lot of blues bands that tend to do well in a few styles and then beat them to death, these guys are all over the map - from Chi-town strut to Cajun-fried Delta slide.

The high-energy "Chicago Bound" features stellar harp blowing by Johnny Charles Marino, who also pan-fires the uptown funk of "Breakin' Up Somebody's Home." The beat stays rowdy thanks to Tim Kuchta, and Frank Ward serves up some wicked slide on Robert Johnson's "Come On In My Kitchen," a solo acoustic number that sizzles in its solitude.

The songwriting is above average, clever without being goofy. A little rough in the mix at times, but that don't stop this party from rollin' merrily along.
Grade: B
-Bing Futch

BLUES ACCESS CD Review: One More Chance - Nucklebusters Blues Band

An easygoing, swinging sound is the Nucklebusters Blues Band's forte, but they also get fine results when they slow down the tempo on the haunting Blues For Nance. While not a virtuoso, harpist "Johnny Charles" Marino conveys plenty of emotion on that tune and others. There's a poor fit between the Nucklebusters' talent and some of the covers they choose, but this is an honest effort by an able band.

BLUES REVUE CD Review: One More Chance - Nucklebusters Blues Band

Nucklebusters Blues Band is a South Florida act with One More Chance (self-release), featuring a funny cover shot of the band offering donuts to a handcuff-wielding cop and a great kickoff version of "Chicago Bound." Gruff-but-gutsy vocals, peppy guitar and harp work, and a cool song list. Best Cuts: the fun original boogie "One More Chance" and the dance-ready version of "Can't Get Next To You".