Joe Klucar

The Nucklebusters have had many lineups over the years. One of the more unique features of the band is the flexibility that allows for the group to be made up of different musicians on any given night, yet satisfy the crowd's
craving for the Blues!

TIM "Timmah" KUCHTA, Drums Tim Kuchta has the distinction of being the only band member who managed to return the original questionnaire for this section. His steadfastness behind a drum kit is merely the tip of the iceberg, folks...
If you could jam with any person, live or dead, who would you choose? Why? Being a drummer, some of the great bass players - Jaco, Ray Brown, Bootsy Collins... also Jimmy Smith, Jack McDuff and Joey DeFrancesco.

How long have you been playing music? I can't remember... actually, 28 years.
What's in your tape/cd player right now? Lots of old components... maybe Diana Krall's last CD. She's a jazzy vocalist - no drums - mostly piano, upright bass, some guitar. You have to mellow out after those 'Buster shows, you know!
Aside from playing your instrument, what's your "hidden talent"? On a good day, cooking on the grill.
What's the one thing in your life that you are most proud of having done or participated in?
Having a family and staying in the music biz - not always easy, but I love both.

UNCLE SHELLEY-Sheldon Voss, Bass/Vocals Sheldon was one of the original partners in the Musicians Exchange on Sunrise Blvd., in Ft Lauderdale.  When Frank asked Sheldon to join the band in 1997, he first called Don Cohen, his ex-partner from the Exchange and asked for a reference...Don told Frank, "Good Solid Player and vocalist, plays
backup guitar also....but he doesn't stick with band projects that long, I give him 6 months with the Nucks".....well what can we say, 10 years later and Sheldon still does the majority of gigs with the band... 

JOE SAINT "We are Blessed" with the "Saint" of the most in demand Hammond B-3 Players in South Florida....A lot of original blues and rock n roll rythym sections weren't complete without the unmistakable sound of the Hammond B3...B3 players are hard to come by in the 21st Century.. especially a player as talented as Joe.  EVERYONE wants Joe in thier band.....Although Joe takes gigs with a lot of good So. FL acts, and does a lot of session work, he still performs most of the dates the Nucklebusters perform.
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